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“The Awakening” was formed by some young and committed human rights and social workers of District Swat in December 2008 for improving the socio- economic conditions of rural communities and neglected segments of society, specially youth and women. It started working with small level charity actions, including holding free blood grouping and medical camps and slowly shifted to strategic interventions towards sustainable development. For that purpose it mobilized local communities on various issues at village level, formed Community Based Groups and then transferred the same into Community based organizations. “The Awakening” mobilized internal and external physical, financial and human resources. It devised comprehensive strategy ranging from social mobilization, training and capacity building, linkages building with resource providers /government line agencies, in collaboration with other Community Based Organization and likeminded Organizations to boost advocacy campaign on various issues. “The Awakening” has strengthened its capacity further this year 2013; it got funds from other donors to implement its planned and proposed interventions for youth development, girl empowerment, climate change, environment, justice and women rights. Through this way its capacity of program planning,implementation, monitoring and evaluation and human resource has increased and become more effective organization. It is doing advocacy for the rights of people and social justice for the neglected segments of society including women, girls, youth and rural communities. “The Awakening” has strengthened its networking with local and national humanitarian and rightsbased organizations. “The Awakening” has established 20 women groups in all the seven tehsils of District Swat and the women of these groups are member of “The Awakening”. Beside this “The Awakening” has gathered all the youth groups under one umbrella/platform, we have named this platform as S.A.Y.A (Swat Active Youth Alliance) S.A.Y.A in Urdu means shadow of tree. The S.A.Y.A comprises of 18 active youth groups from the entire district including both male and female.


Besides this we have formed 16 village organizations/groups this group is named as S.A.C.A (Swat Active Citizens Alliance in different villages from the entire district. “The Awakening” has organized some 20 women groups in the entire district Swat and these Women groups are gathered under the platform of Da Khwendo Jirga (The Sisters Council) this is the first ever women council in the history of Pakistan that solves women issues at the grass-root level and refer women cases for free legal aid.
Besides all this “The Awakening” is playing an important role for the promotion of girls education in District Swat. Keeping in mind the educational needs and issues being faced by girls in access to education we have established the first ever (Education Coordination Group) with the technical support of Lys i Mørket LIMDK – Denmark. The main purpose of the education coordination group is to make a more coordinated, integrated effort to improve the education system and make it more accessible to the girls of District Swat. Also to influence the policy this education coordination group will play a vital role. The members of this group are from CBOs, NGOs, INGOs that are working on education also the line departments are members of this group. They identify needs and priorities to improve the education system in Swat.

The organization is registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
(Reg # 2514/5/6418)




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